Relocating to And/Or Gaining Residency in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the original overseas retirement destinations which have been welcoming expats for more than 30 years. It’s not only one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but is also boasting many positives such as perfect weather, incredible natural beauty and biodiversity, healthy lifestyle that’s why Arenal Costa Rica Real Estate is ease of becoming a legal resident, an excellent public health system, political stability, thriving economy or low-cost of living.

Costa Rica is a nature-lover’s dream. Emerald-carpeted mountains, towering active volcanoes, pristine freshwater lakes, rivers, streams, hot springs and dramatic waterfalls, lush green valleys, dense jungle filled with exotic wildlife, miles and miles of coast line with beautiful, often deserted sandy beaches, unforgettable sunrises, sunsets and blue, blue ocean.

Many factors come into play when considering retirement or relocation abroad. In Arenal Costa Rica Real Estate- Cost of living, prices of rents and real estate, and health care options are main concerns. But as more and more expats consider moving abroad for a healthier lifestyle, this aspect is becoming one of the crucial points in their consideration. Costa Rica is a forerunner in healthy lifestyle, which was confirmed by reaching the top position in recent surveys conducted worldwide. Relaxed, stress-free lifestyle, abundance of fresh air and produce, same as year-round opportunities for exercise and adventure. The healthy lifestyle in Costa Rica is based on the diet. With permanent access to fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, including broccoli, lettuce, kale, arugula, spinach… along with more exotic choices like chayote, yuka, camote, mangos, guanabana and more. The second part of healthy lifestyle in Costa Rica is warm weather year-round allowing exercise outside any day of the year. Hiking, biking, surfing, wakeboarding, kayaking, yoga… there is always so much to do !

Costa Rica maintains friendly approach to foreigners, has been welcoming retirees and other expats for decades and has rather lenient requirements for becoming a legal resident. For Pensionados the main qualification is a proof of income of no less than $1,000 per month for a married couple, from nearly any source, including Social Security, disability benefits, pension or similar. One of the biggest advantages for legal residents is the access to quality, government healthcare, Caja, ranked number one in Latin America, higher than U.S. and in the top 20 worldwide. After a monthly payment that’s based on income (between $50 and $150 in most cases), residents receive health care that is completely free and include routine visits, prescriptions, even major surgeries, no exclusions applying due to age or pre-existing condition. And even if you aren’t covered under Caja, private doctor’s office visits and procedures are very affordable. Many people actually travel to Costa Rica with aim to perform affordable, yet high-quality health services. These “medical vacations” are becoming very popular.

For many years Costa Rica has been among top-ten retirement havens voted by International Living and currently, for year 2016 holding the 4th place worldwide.
For all aforementioned it’s no wonder there is a happy population living in Costa Rica which was demonstrated by naming Costa Rica the world’s happiest place in the recent Happy Planet index.

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