Sweet Lodge Business Near La Fortuna

The property is located on a hill overlooking the Arenal volcano, in a very quiet and
secure location where locals are dedicated to agricultural activities, which
provides a perfect place for family rest and peaceful holiday.

The land size is 5,900 m2 ( 1,5 acre) on which were built 5 rustic cabins, sized approximately 36m2 (300 sq,ft.) each. All units have private bathroom and are furnished meeting the tourist needs.

There is also a spacious rancho measuring 15 meters x 15 meters and being 5 meters high. Rancho is being used as the common area for the guests to meet and socialize. There also is the main kitchen including a large, clay pizza oven and the breakfast is served in the rancho too. Adjacent are 2 restrooms and a laundry room.

Other structures on the property is a second, smaller rancho measures approximately 15m2, one smaller round pool measuring 7.5 meters in diameter and being 80 cm deep, a big pool of oval shape measuring
16 meters length and being 8 meters wide with 150 – 200 cm depth. There also are two  greenhouses measuring 30m2 each.

In addition, the property has a great variety of fruit trees, plants and crops such as: nances,
guaba, pineapples, moringa, caimito, guanabana, cases, lemons, papayas, granadilla, yuca, corn,
ginger, juanilama, coconuts, bananas, aloe vera… and others… all set within large tropical gardens and green areas.

Located some 5 easy miles from the most visited Costarican hotspot, La Fortuna, on the perfect asphalt road.

$ 299,900


  • Property Categories: Houses, Commercial, Most Recent 
  • Address: La Fortuna 
  • Price: $299,900 
  • Area: 5900 m2 (1,5 acre) 
  • Building Size: 300 m2 
  • Bedrooms:
  • Bathrooms: