Super Bargain Lakeview Lot

Gorgeous small resort plus owners house at perfect location for business and living. Beautiful natural settings and life style.


This is a tremendous opportunity to semi-retire in the paradise! This magical part of costa rica is truly amazing. Lake Arenal is located between two active volcanoes/national parks, Volcan Arenal and Volcan Tenorio. The elevation is 2,000 ft with surrounding mountains reaching up to 6,000 ft, which enables for the perfect climate year round. Beaches are nice for a holiday, but too hot for permanent living. Here you will never need neither A/C, nor heating. Rich volcanic soil is encouraging to gardening. Everything grows perfectly, you put a dry stick into the ground and it will start growing. Besides, Arenal area is great for business too. Practically all leisure tourists visiting Costa Rica stop by the beach and by volcan Arenal. There are many beaches, but only one volcan Arenal. Do you get it ? And for the good reason as there is so much to do ! There is hot springs, zipline canopy tours, hanging bridges, all kinds of hiking tours, adrenaline trip like rappelling, white water farting, tubing… same as more traditional kayaking, paddle boarding, mountain biking, bird watching… there are underground caves, there is sloth park, coffee tours, waterfalls, fishing, jet skiing, party boat on the lake… simply everything. Other volcano, Tenorio doesn’t have so many attractions, however the national park is trully beautiful for hiking, bird watching and is featuring the world famous Rio Celeste.

This property is super versatile. Besides being arranged like the botanical garden with so many plants of all kinds and colors which attract birds such as toucans, hummingbirds, oropendolas, parrots, wild turkeys, same as monkeys etc, there is the owner’s house plus five rental villas which can generate income as the short term holiday rentals, long term rentals or any combination of both. Each house has two queen size beds and fully equipped kitchen. There is a beautiful pool, BBQ rancho, another bigger rancho with the pool, table football, fast fiber optic internet etc. Truly magical place.

Do not miss this opportunity to acquire wonderful property. Combine the tropical lifestyle with business, meet all kinds of wonderful guests from all around the world, mingle with friendly locals and enjoy the healthy climate along with all attraction this super attractive area has to offer.



  • Property Categories: Lots/Land 
  • Property Sub Type: Lake Arenal  
  • Area: 5700 m2 (1,5 acre)