Old Hotel by the Lake, Still Very Good Value

This hotel was closed down many years ago, due to owner’s retirement. However, as the price was reduced, it represents yet again a very interesting option, either for remodeling and keeping it commercial, or as a multifamily living. Or ideally mix of both.

Land size is generous 10,800 square meter or 2,7 acre and there are eight one bedroom bungalows, one bigger wooden building with six budget rooms, plus a spacious open verandah style restaurant. The wooden building is quite deteriorated, however with some partial renovation it could be transformed to a rustic, barn style family home. Bungalows and restaurant are still in pretty good shape. And the views are absolutely gorgeous, both to lake and volcano Arenal.




  • Property Categories: Houses, Lots/Land, Commercial, Lake-View, Most Recent 
  • Property Sub Type: Lake Arenal 
  • Price: $449,000 
  • Area: 10800 m2 or 2,7 acre 
  • Building Size: 700 m2 
  • Bedrooms: 14 
  • Bathrooms: 16