Lots in Gated Development Starting at $48,000

Located between El Aguacate and Rio Piedras in a private gated development with good, mostly concrete road. All lots have view of the lake, are above average in size, with a perfect mix of forest and open spaces. All lots offer privacy and protection from prevailing winds, which most properties around the lake do not have.


Lot #1  $63,000  (6,982 m2) (75,153sq.ft.) Lower section with lake view, only one neighbor, with forest   separation between lot#4.

Lot #2   $79,000  (8,700m2) (93,646 sq.ft) Lower section with forest on east side and rear.

Lot #3   $48,000  (5,847m2) (62,936 sq.ft.) Lower section near road and gate.

Lot #4   $63,000  ( 9,517m2) (102,440 sq.ft) Mid section

Lot#5    $83,000  (11,575m2) (124,592 sq.ft.) Upper section with great view, forest on NE side

Lot #6    $69,000   (9,743m2) (104,872 sq.ft) High location, with most forest and jungle trails,  best  wind protection in the back.

Lot #7    $72,000   (7,223m2) (77,747 sq.ft.) Highest location, best view,  forest in rear.



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  • Property Categories: Lots/Land 
  • Property Sub Type: Lake Arenal 
  • Price: sold 
  • Area: 5,800 - 11,600 m2