Comfortable Modern Home

Very homey and comfortable feels this conveniently located house. Lake and surrounding mounts view is amazing and price is right.

This spacious modern home has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. It is 2400 square feet in size which means each room is very large. There is a glass front which opens onto a large covered patio with a lovely view of Lake Arenal and the forested area on the side. The landscaping is beautiful.

There is a 1 1/2 car garage with a long walled area and table for tools or whatever craft you may enjoy. The architectural drawings are available as the house was designed by the owners and built in recent years with the best quality stainless steel products.

There is an extra room used as an office or sewing room and the master bedroom is on the second floor with an even wider view of the lake and Continential Divide mountains.

This home is located on a hillside above our major lake road Route 142 and is only 3 km. from the most popular town on the lake, Nuevo Arenal. All basic services are here even though it is only a 4000 population town. Our community is a very friendly, active one with many retirees mostly from the U.S and Canada with some Europeans who interact in helpful ways with the Ticos and the town. We have a Facebook page with many chat choices for the Lake Arenal Community to keep up with events and interesting choices available. There is a busy calendar to choose from or you could just relax in this wonderful climate. Arenal is only a short 1 1/2 hour drive to the capital city, Liberia, and it is also only 1/2 hour from there to the beautiful Pacific Coast beaches where you can go for a day or weekend of sunshine and still return to the cooler climate we live in with its continuous breezes for comfortable living without the need of a/c or heat.

The flora and fauna are beautiful; it is often compared to Hawaii. It is green year round and an average of 70F. Life is casual in this small country mountain town but we have excellent restaurants and even have the availability of having organic foods to buy here since there are many vegetarians and vegans. We have a fish truck which deliver fresh fish from the Pacific. Most of the animals are grass fed here since the grass is lush and green year round. A bonus is that you can be surrounded by exotic orchids and tropical flowers which grow in abundance here. The birds are amazing, you might see over 100 varieties of colorful tropical birds including toucans and parrots plus howler monkeys are in the trees around us. It is truly a Pura Vida here.



  • Property Categories: Houses, Lake-View, Most Recent 
  • Property Sub Type: Lake Arenal 
  • Price: $385,000 
  • Area: 1,100 m2 ( 1/4 acre) 
  • Building Size: 200 m2 ( 2200 sq.ft) 
  • Bedrooms:
  • Bathrooms: 2,5