Planning To Settle In Costa Rica Post Retirement? Read This

The enchanting beauty of Costa Rica attracts tourists, travelers and people looking for relocation every year. This place finds itself on the top priority  list of many people globally for settlement. Here, the climate, real estate , people, landscapes and everything are so great that retired people and soon to be retirees look forward to settle here. But, relocation is not an easy task, as it seems. A lot of concerns come with this decision and if you are planning to relocate to Costa Rica anytime soon, let us help you by answering a few of your concerns.

  1. Where should I settle in Costa Rica?

One of the best location in Costa Rica is undoubtedly Lake Arenal. The lake has a different beauty to portray, surrounding Mount Arenal, dotted with forests. This place can be the right place to settle post retirement, as the lake offers more than one can think of. A wonderful mild climate, boating, fishing and enjoying the beauty and calmness of the area is what Lake Arenal offers.

  1. What are the kinds of real estates can I expect?

You will get a lot of options on housing in Costa Rica. The houses and Costa Rica lots and land all are equipped with providing the best view to the homeowners. Hence, every morning, you will be able to have a glimpse of the sun rising and the sun kissed view of the lake. There are houses with minimal space and appliances to luxurious villas. The quality of constructions also forms a reason to consider relocating here. The houses are equipped with all the amenities, like swimming pools, backyards, security, open terraces, etc.

  1. Is living affordable?

Living here is quite affordable. Retired people generally live on fixed income and hence, settling in Costa Rica is the best option they have,. Here, all the products including groceries, electricity bills, and even rents are less as compared to other places. So, retirees can lead a luxurious life, even on a small budget.

  1. Is the place boring?

Costa Rica not only offers an alluring landscape, but a lot of options, where the retired people can indulge themselves in. Away from the busy city life and nestled around Lake Arenal, the place offers a lot of activities which the retired people can indulge in and relax. One can sail around the mountainous perimeter of Mount Arenal and indulge in fishing of the famous and rare Guapote fish in the lake itself. Also, there are good shopping complexes and restaurants nearby. The best place to relax here is the home itself as the villas here are spacious with backyards, swimming pools, open terraces and gardens.

  1. What do I need to do for settling here?

All you need to do is own a good property here. For that you require a reliable real estate broker. At Arenal Guru, you can purchase your dream property at affordable prices.
So, if your retirement date is approaching near and you are considering for a relocation, look no further than Lake Arenal. This place has an enchanting view to offer, with friendly communities and locals. Settle here with your family and lead a relaxing life! You can choose from a wide range of houses. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.

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