Education and Activities for Kids Around the Lake

One may consider it handicap, others consider it blessings. Since there isn’t any international bi-lingual school at Lake Arenal region, most of the expat kids are being home schooled. As the advantages of home schooling such as learning to think more independently, working for knowledge instead of grades or safe learning environment are well known, we’ll now focus to education and activities taking place “out of school”.
Thanks to perfect climate at Lake Arenal region, not being neither too hot, nor too cold, outdoor activities can be done year-round. And yes, there is lots to do ! Here are some activities children can participate at Lake Arenal:
Horseback Riding
There is a well established horse back riding enterprise in Nuevo Arenal. It is possible to organize courses according your needs. Length, frequency, activities performed – all can be custom-made. As stables are located within a small cattle/pig farm, children usually start the day with feeding animals, cleaning them and their surroundings. Later on they check saddles, other riding equipment and get horses ready for the ride. Ride itself can take place indoors in case of rain or in surrounding hills and meadows when weather is nice. Practising horse handling and similar activities usually takes place at the training obstacle course. There are friendly and experienced couches and kids always enjoy this activity very much.
Lake Arenal is among TOP 5 windsurfing destinations worldwide and when wind isn’t too strong, windsurfing perfect, fun activity for children. There are surfing schools with experienced coaches and rental equipment.
Martial arts are very popular worldwide and Nuevo Arenal is lucky having its own shotokan academy owned by the resident black-belled sensei. Lessons are three times per week and our kids love going there ! As this academy is part of JKA worldwide organization, there are exams taking places twice a year in San Jose, which are being directed by supervisors from Japan.
There are two professional, university graduate music teachers in Arenal. There is a choice of violin, piano, accordion or drums classes.
There is choice of Spanish, English or German classes being offered in Arenal. All done by native speakers.
Besides these organised courses there are other choices for staying active, such as kayaking, wake boarding, hiking, biking… same as there are nice swimming pools open for public. Simply, there is never a dull moment around the lake.

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