4 Tips For Buying A Condo In Costa Rica

Condos or condominium are not similar to single family homes. These are basically piece of shared real estate, which has individual owners for each unit. The condos offer certain common shared amenities like swimming pools, tennis courts, lawns, gyms etc. Nowadays, more and more people are considering relocating in condos due to its low maintenance Continue reading

Planning To Settle In Costa Rica Post Retirement? Read This

The enchanting beauty of Costa Rica attracts tourists, travelers and people looking for relocation every year. This place finds itself on the top priority  list of many people globally for settlement. Here, the climate, real estate , people, landscapes and everything are so great that retired people and soon to be retirees look forward to Continue reading

Top Considerations To Note Before Investing In Real Estate In Costa Rica

What can be more soothing to the eyes than the view of a beautiful landscape from your balcony? Yes, a perfect weather, a beautiful lake, friendly locals and the low cost of living is what describes Lake Arenal in costa Rica. If you have been there on a vacation, you would have definitely fallen in Continue reading